Interactive mapping help page

Example How to Use
image used for four (NSEW) directional nudges

To move the map up / down or right / left. You can also move the map around by clicking and hold and then dragging the cursor – the map will move with it.

sliding zoom bar used on map

To zoom in and out in stages. Note that some information only becomes visible as you zoom in

Zoom to box inactiveZoom to box active

Click and hold left mouse button to draw a box on the map. The map will then zoom to this box.

select information to show on map

To select what features you want to show on the map. Click “Show me” button to implement changes. Note that some features are only visible when certain Activities are selected

Enter placename to search for

To locate towns, villages & places. If a single exact match is found the map will centre on it and put a marker on the map.

Use the full street name if you know it – for instance ‘Welland Way’ not just ‘Welland’.

If there is more than one possibility then a list will appear – click on the one that you wanted. The distance of each from the map centre is shown in brackets and the 5 nearest are listed.

Note that the Gazetteer may occasionally find locations outside the county

Click on any of the icons or map symbols to access further information, including photos (where available).